9.2.18 – 11.2.18 Diskussionsveranstaltungen in Pisa, Genua und Mailand

During July 2017 in Hamburg, once again, in spite of everything, the spectacle has been interrupted.

The G20 international summit, organized in the Hanseatic city with the intention of showing the supremacy by the richest states over the rest of the world and with the will of testing the control and repressive ability of the German State, has been sabotaged.

While the arrogant spectacle of power was going on inside armored palaces, the streets were burning of rage despite all the attempts by one of the most impressive police’s apparate.
Considering all the limits about focusing all the efforts on a single and disclosed appointment, the revolt of Hamburg represents an important event in these times.
Despite the alleged inescapability from the dominant culture, the improvement of control and repression techniques, it’s still possible, with resolution and intellect, to take back our space and time, building moments (even if too short) freed from the Capital and the State oppression.
What has been the path towards those days?
How can we face all the difficulties coming from such a big, unpredictable and heterogeneous situation?
How can we improve our own contribution?
How are we reacting against the followed obvious repression?
We’ll discuss about these issues with some comrades from Hamburg who took part in the mobilization against G20.