3/9/2017 JVA Billwerder: United we stand! Free them all

Sunday 3. of September 2017
2pm at S Bahn station Billwerder/Moorfleet
Demonstration to and Manifestation at JVA Billwerder

On sunday the 3rd of september we want to go again to the prison JVA Billwerder to visit our friends who are hostaged by the City of Hamburg behind high walls.

Our friends inside could quietly hear us even though the yard time was changed so they would not notice much from our to hold them back from our solidarity. One reason more to visit our NO G20 brothers loudly and with a huge crowd at the Prison in Billwerder.

Come with us, with cake and coffee, music and speeches, Sunday the 3rd of september, JVA Billwerder.If you write or visit someone in the Prison, please let us know their music wishes in advance.

United we stand!