5th of December 2017 Germany wide raids of leftist centers and g20 opposers! Demonstrations and rallies! Face repression together!

Today, on Tuesday the 5th of December, 25 raids happened in different cities in Germany. Targeted were centers of the leftist movement and supposedly accused people who are investigated for heavy ‘breach of peace’. Concretely the raids are in connection with the situation at ‘Rondenbarg’ in the morning hours of the 7th of July, where g20 opposers got massively attacked by cops and some heavily injured. In a very creative way the special committee of the cops called ‘Schwarzer Block’ (‘special committee black block’) assumes that in this group of people, around at Rondenbarg, plans and agreements were made that were mirrored in the ‘violent’ black block of that friday morning.

According to the special committee investigations are going on against 75 accused people who’s names are known and against 26 unknown persons. One of the effected people (Fabio) is on trial at the moment.

No one has been arrested during the raids. Cops confiscated material that supposed to proof participation and planning of the action in trials to come. They mostly took data carrier like phones, laptops and storage media. For the media the cops also presented during their press conference, alleged ‘weapons’ that where secured during raids in the county of Baden-Württemberg. This supposed to underline the dangerousness of those raided. While most of this weapons are different forms of OC sprays, saws, knifes and sticker.

First statements of solidarity from a variety of groups went out as well as some demonstrations. Press release of the ‘Interventionistische Linke’ | statement of the left center Stuttgart (that had been raided) | statement of the ‘Rote Hilfe’

As a reaction to the raids a manifestation took place in Stuttgart today, the 5th of December at 18 o’clock at Rotebühlplatz:

After the cops raided houses of activists through out Germany this morning, we held a rally early this evening in solidarity with the effected comrades. The attack against us and our left center is an agitated campaign against the anti g20 protests initiated by the cops together with the media.
After it became more and more clear that the cops condoned that people could have died at Rondenbarg, they try to defend their actions.

With this legally unannounced and publicly spread rally in the city center we want to offer some leftist counter publicity and publicly show solidarity with the effected of the raids. After the rally a spontaneous demonstration formed through out the ‘zone prohibited for demonstration’, the biggest shopping street in Stuttgart. Furthermore a sign of self-determination was set with glowing Bengal lights. Before the cops could stop the demo it dispersed stress-free.

In Hamburg, today on the 5th of December, a demonstration started at 20:15 from Grüner Jäger. Up to 500 people demonstrated loudly around Schanzen-district. The repression was rejected together, spontaneously and broad.

A couple of banners were dropped in solidarity in Flensburg.

Also on the 6th of December there will be demonstrations and rallies against the raids:

  • Berlin, 19 o’clock at Kottbusser Tor, demonstration
  • Freiburg, 18 o’clock Bertoldsbrunnen/Innenstadt, rally

It hit some this time, but they meant us all! Our solidarity against their repression!

United we Stand!