About how to handle numbers of injured people during the G20 Protest. Statement of the Autonomous Medic-Coordination G20 (eng)

About how to handel Numbers of injured people during the G20 Protest.
Statement of the Autonomous Medic-Coordination G20 (eng)

Two weeks after G20 summit in Hamburg, a lot of things are still unclear. Also the Number of injured people. But it is not going to be possible to find out this Number, even if it would be tryed. It is simply not possible, as the Protests have been divers and restless.

The daily rising Number of injured Cops awakes the strong wish for a Counterstatement: ‘Also on the Activist Side there been this and this many injured.’

But we are not going to give in to this game. It is clear, noone knows an exact Number and it can not be the goal to invent one. To publish numbers of treatments would be misleading too. Even though many injuries where aided through our Structures, most help came from Comrades and First-Aiders in solidarity. Most injuries where treated at Home or in the next Bar.

Cops kicked, boxed, sprayed, batted. CS-gas was shot, Cop cars drove into groups of People, that someone would die was willingly accepted. Medics where attacked, hindered from their work and forced to stop treatments at gunpoint. This list would continue endlessly.
Many people lived through violent Situations, for example the Operation of the heavily weaponed SEK (special force), and emotionaly need to find a way to deal with all what was expirienced. We all know the pictures that are going around, are talking to concerned friends or read newspaper. What we heared and saw disturbs deeply and still it can only picture a small part.

Physical violence against Activists is part of Repression. It works through fear, supposed to discourage and silence. Injuries that can provide conclusions about Individuals are dangerous Information that, in the first place, help the State. We feel it would not be in solidarity to try to get Media attention with seemingly very bad Injuries. We don’t want to make politics with the Injuries of others but protect people from Repression. The People affected have the Right to choose for themselfs how possible Publications could look like.

Our Solidarity against their Repression – Get-well whishes to all
Autonomous Medic Coordination G20 24.07.2017