From Hamburg to Biarritz: United we stand!

Call for direct actions on July 6th and 7th in solidarity with all
affected by repression.

It’s been two years since the rallies, the pillars of smoke, the smashed
glass and the sirens of G20 in Hamburg. Despite the massive police
violence, our memories of liberating moments and moments of tangible
hope, expressed by the rage of tens of thousands, prevails.

Unite against repression

The massive repression did not only find expression in the police
violence during the summit but continues in the form of surveillance,
manhunts, defamation, fines and imprisonment of many our friends.

Uneffable detention conditions and a political judiciary, right away
starting to impose absurd prison sentences, are the brutal response for
a failed summit. The escalation and the violation of principles of civil
liberties were apparent.

In December 2018, the “Elbchaussee trials” started. Four young people
from Offenbach and Loic S., the poet from France who is still in
investigative custody, are supposed to suffer for a series of destroyed
cars and windows on the rim of a demonstration in Altona. On top of
that, our solidarity is called “detrimental to disciplining” and used as
a reason to close the trials to the public.

There is ongoing and pending trials against our movement not only
because of the Elbchaussee, but also because of the barricade party in
the Schanze, the harbour rally and the bludgeon orgy at Rondenbarg. Our
solidarity still needs to be seen and heard.

Unite to resist

All forms of resistance in Hamburg were and stay legitimate in light of
the continuous global crisis of the capitalist machinery. We will not be
intimidated by future authoritarian laws and a violent swing to the
right, either. Now more than ever we need to fight back against
economical oppression, the ecological disaster, racist and anti-feminist

This year, Macron’s France is presiding the G7. In a climate of growing
social tensions and the respective repression, the summit in Biarritz in
August will lead to massive protests as well. Let us build a
cross-border solidarity! Let us continue the fight for a solidary
society and against the summits of the rulers!

After the summit is before the summit! Our solidarity against their
The alliance of solidary organizations against G20 in Germany calls for
signs of protest on July 6th and 7th, the anniversary of the Hamburg
summit protest.
Organize in your city and take action!

Solidarity is our strength! From Hamburg to Biarritz: United We Stand!