One of the former Hamburg G20 prisoners needs our support!

“If you’re an anarchist – why don’t you go to Africa then”
Interrogator in an airport jail in an EU country January 2021

One of the former Hamburg G20 prisoners needs our support!

The young Russian anarchist who was part of the NoG20 protests in Hamburg and was put in pre-trial detention in July 2017 for more than four months and had to show up in court every week for months and month until he finally returned after almost a year of involuntary residence at home, was forced to leave Russia and ask for asylum in an EU country.

Unfortunately the Hamburg immigration authorities expelled him from Germany at the end of 2017 and obtained a 5 year entry ban for the entire Schengen area against him. And did so, although the legal proceedings against him were far from over at this point and there was ultimately no final conviction in the end.
His lawyer for Migration and residencial rights in Hamburg could meanwhile legally block this but it was not deleted from the SIS II police computer, which is the case of big problems.

As part of the wave of persecution against anti-fascists and anarchists in Russia an extremist group was fantasized about in preparation for the condemnation of the anarchist Asat Miftachow. He is facing a trail to break an office window of Putin party “United Russia” on New Year’s Eve 2018
“… But the judiciary found … [Asat] after two years Pretrial detention, guilty of hooliganism. Miftachow is said to be Head of a Extremistic group “by using arms” violate public order and show their “disregard for Society ” …” He was sentenced to 6 years in prison in Moscow on January 19.!5741846/

A few days before Asat’s sentencing, the “extremist group” where shown on television. pictures of young anarchists at sports trainings and events, as well as photos of Weapons etc cut together and broadcast. So also photos of our comrade, who then decided to leave the country and flee as quickly as possible.

On January 16 He flew to a major EU city without a visa and asked in the transit zone of the Airport for asylum. He immediately landed in the airport jail.
First it was said that his request was apparently not “obviously unfounded” and he should probably after a weekend in custody “enter” the country to carry out an asylum procedure. But then they said after the weekend that he is a threat to the security and order of the country, since he did also a threat to the security and order of Germany, Hamburg, G20, etc, etc. and he is therefore not allowed to “enter” and also not apply for asylum in the airport procedure. They will send him back!

Fortunately, a good lawyer could be found who immediately brought an legal action against this. Went to the airport jail to visit him in custody and had all the documents from Hamburg translated that prove that he was in Hamburg neither convicted nor expelled and no Schengen entry is blocked.

In the meantime, two gentlemen “asked” him to talk to him while he was in custody at the airport. What he believed, what could be done for him, what Putin couldn’t do for him, why he was at the G20 in Hamburg whether he had any contacts with anarchists in this country, at all Contacts and, above all, if he is an anarchist, why would he not go to Africa?
After they threatened to beat him up with a chair because he stubbornly told them to talk to his lawyer they withdrew again. The lawyer herself couldn’t find out exactly what kind of gentlemen they were.

After 9 days in an airport jail, she succeeded on January 26th. to get him out of there in court and he now move freely and can apply for asylum.

Since the legal fees there are much higher than here and he urgently needed and still needs legal help he now needs our support.

The lawyers’ fees, translations, etc. amount to just over 3000 euros. Half of it has already come together. Now we need about 1500 euros

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We thank you all
and wish our Russian comrade success in his asylum procedure,
Freedom and happiness

United We Stand!