Federal Constitutional Court politically attacks defense – Everyone come to the rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday

In a press release on 12th of October 2017 the Federal Constitutional Court (FCC) states, that they will inflict the defense of the 18 year old prisoner Fabio with 600 euros so called misuse fee, for a complaint the defense filed against the pretrial detention that was, in their opinion, unconstitutional.

That the complaint resulted in a misuse fee is explained by the FFC like so, the FFC should not have to ‘take insubstantial complaints of unconstitutional decisions that wóuld keep it from fulfilling its duty’.

After the complaint of the defense had been already rejected in court on 23rd of August 2017, the fee that was compiled 5 days before trial start shows, that we are dealing with intentional political propaganda against the accused and his defense.

We decidedly disapprove of this attack. Everyone, come to the rallies before the trial start and observe the trials in solidarity. Monday 16th of October and Tuesday 17th of October each at 8.30 at the Court in Altona.

Freedom for all! United we Stand!

Statement by Fabio V. on the trial in the district court of Hamburg-Altona on 7th of November 2017.

Judge, jurywoman, juryman, prosecutor, juvenile probation officer, 

you need to judge about a man today. You described him as an ‘aggressive criminal’ and as ‘disrespectful towards human dignity’. I personally don’t care with what attributes you label me. I am just a guy with a strong will.
First of all i want to say that the ladies and gentlemen of politics, police inspectors and prosecutors probably believe they can hinder the dissent on the streets if they arrest and lock up a bunch of kids.
Likely they believe that prison is enough to hold back the rebellious voices that arise everywhere.
Likely they believe that repression will stop our thirst for freedom. Our will to create a better world.
Well, these people are mistaken.
They are wrong. History proves that as well.
As i, many young people had to live through trials like this one. Today it is Hamburg, yesterday it was Genoa and before that Seattle.
With all ‘legal’ means and ‘judicial measures for the trials’ they try to limit the voices of rebellion that arise everywhere.
In any case, however the decision of the court, it will not change our protest. Many young man and women who are driven by the same ideals will continue to go to the streets everywhere in Europe. And they will not care about the prisons that try hard to get filled with political prisoners.
But let us get to the point, judge, prosecutor, jurywoman, juryman, juvenile probation officer.
Let’s get to the point.
In relation to the matter i am accused of today, i will use my right to stay silent, as you can imagine. Continue reading

United We Stand Statement on the police measures conducted on 25th of October 2017

During the G20 trial against Alessandro on 25th of October 2017 some supporters were target of a disproportional police operation. Around 40 cops of the riot unit of the police Hamburg stormed the Café opposite of the court, where the affected supporters had breakfast. With no reason given, the cops undertook the 13 supports report and documentation measures. The cops took pictures and records of descriptions of each person, also against the explicit objection off all of them and even though two of the people where minor,

They where forbid to get legal support and where kept in a back room of the Café for 1,5 hours. After this derogative control the police operation was finished.
Through this police measure the affected people where not only restricted in their freedom with no basis for it, but also got robbed their right to observe a public trial. This is definitely to be graded as illegal. Continue reading

Press release Hamburg, 3rd of November 2017: Hamburg police harasses observants of trial

Police harassment on the side of a G20 trial in Hamburg: partly under aged observants of a trial were kept for over 1,5 hours and hindered to take part in the trial.

During the G20 trial against the italian activist Alessandro R. on 25th of October 2017 harassment by the police took place against 13 observants of the trial, who partly are organized in the alliance ‘youth against G20’.
During the breakfast break in the nearby Café ‘Brasserie Loco’ around 40 cops of the riot unit stormed into the Café.
The police kept the observants of the trial for over 1,5 hours in a backroom of the Café and subjected them to record and documentation measures.
The cops refused to name the reason for their operation, but took record off all the observants documents, pictures, and took descriptions of the persons. The protest of the adolescent, among them also two minors, where ignored. The cops denied entrance to the Café to an approaching lawyer. Continue reading

A short contribution to the Transnational Meeting at Rote Flora by a former G20 Prisoner

I went out of prison one month ago. Now I can’t really come to this meeting. Anyway nothing is over, also for me. People are still in jail for the revolt against G20, several investigations are still on the way, a lot of trials will come and the spirit of those days can’t be already over. So, I like to send few words as an individual who did his little part in all of this.
I like to share my viewpoints and I still owe something to everyone who supported me during my prison time. Whatever we share or not the same perspectives about what happened in Hamburg in July and during the following months, let me say that I truly appreciated any kind of support I received from the United We Stand campaign and this helped me out so much in keeping my thoughts fresh and alive. So thank you. Continue reading

Free Fabio and the prisoners of G20!

Rallies and protests on Monday 16th October in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona

On 16th October the trial against our Italian comrade Fabio begins, who has been in custody since the G20 summit. Together with the campaign #UnitedWeStand, we call for rallies on the days of the trial (16.10., 17.10., 7.11.) at the local court in Hamburg-Altona. We want to express our solidarity with Fabio and shout out to him: Thank you for coming to Hamburg to stand up with all of us against the madness of the world! There is no need for regret. They locked you up and pressed charges against you individually, but this is aimed at all of us!The trial against Fabio shows particularly clearly that all the G20 trials are not about justice, but about deterrence and political prejudice. During the review of custody, the higher regional court in Hamburg attested Fabio, who is only 18 years old, in their finest Nazi manner as having “destructive tendencies” and a “substantial deficiency of social and educational competence”.

Fabio was arrested in the morning of the 7th July at Rondenbarg, where excessive police brutality caused most of the severe injuries against activists during the protests. A video of the event exposes the police’s account of events – as in many other cases too – as a mixture of exaggerations, lies and propaganda.

Let’s join the rallies and protests on Monday 16th and on Tuesday 17th October at 8.30am in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona, Max-Brauer-Allee 91, and demand the acquittal and immediate freedom of Fabio and all the other G20 prisoners. Because we all have #schaedlicheNeigungen (destructive tendencies). We all resist the world of the G20, a world of exploitation, wars, ecological devastation and racist isolation!


source: Interventionistische Linke – IL


In-depth report on the tenth G20-trial of Thursday, 28 September 2017

The tenth trial against a NoG20 activist took place at the district court in Altona and ended with a conviction and a suspended sentence of one year and three months.

The trial took place in one of the smaller courtrooms. A make-shift security control point had been set up in front of the courtroom, likely in order to cast the accused as “dangerous” to the public. Members of the press were present. Photographers tried to take pictures of the accused before he was able to shield his face. A court officer interrupted them and stated that no pictures were to be taken in the courtroom. The photographer then demanded to be allowed to talk to the judge, which the court officer allowed him. After his talk with the judge, the photographer continued taking photos of the accused, including close-ups.

The indictment charges the accused with resisting officers and causing bodily harm by dangerous means according to Sections 114 and 223, 224 of the German Criminal Code for acts which he allegedly committed in the evening of the 6th of July. After the reading of the indictment the defense read out a short statement by the accused according to which he admitted his guilt and regretted his deeds. He had let himself become caught up in the aggressive atmosphere. He did not deny the political background, but stood by his decision to come to the g20 summit in order to protest peacefully. Living in Sicily, he was intimately aware of the refugee crisis, which is why he had come to Hamburg to protest peacefully against the politics of the G20. The defense counsel stated that further questions would not be answered. Both the prosecutor and the judge nonetheless posed several questions, the judge noting that, while it was the right of the accused not to say anything further, this lead to a “different impression”. Continue reading

Solidarity with Riccardo and all Prisoners

We have done a lock-on-action on the same day as the trial of Riccardo, that’s the reason why we took a solidarity banner with us.
We stopped a transport of uranium for 17 hours. We think different actions against capitalism and authority have to go together as in Hamburg at the G20.

Sunday stroll to jail – freedom for all prisoners!

On today’s Sunday (1.10.) 200 solidary people met at S-Bahn station Billwerder/Moorfleet to walk to the prison together and visit our friends, who are being kept imprisoned by the city of Hamburg since the G20 protests. At the prison greetings were read out in DE | EN | FR | ES and other languages via the Free-them-all Soundsystem. Besides, music wishes of the prisoners were played and balloons were released over the prison walls. Spontanously some people decided to take a walk around the prison in order to make our protest also audible from different sides.

Again, the coming week there will be trials against people who were incarcerated over the course of the G20 protests and who are in investigative custody since then. The overall four trials take place on Wednesday (04.10.) and Thursday (05.10.) at the district court Altona and at the district court Sievekingplatz. On Thursday at the district court Altona will also take place the trial against our comrade Riccardo, who was sending us a letter shortly after his arrest.

On both days there will be a manifestation in front of the district court Altona, starting at 8:30 a.m. Solidary supporters are being called to attend the trials in Altona.

Solidarity is a weapon!

Demonstration and Manifestation on Sunday, 5th of November to the Prison JVA Billwerder

Demonstration and Manifestation to theG20 Prisoners in the Jail JVA Billwerder.

We will meet again to visit our comrades, friends and brothers who are being held at the prison site JVA Billwerder on Sunday the 5th of November . Four months after the disgusting G20 summit took place in Hamburg during which the police acted unbelievably brutal people are still locked up inside the prison, which for us became a symbol of power and injustice.

This weekend we will have a lot of transnational guests and we want to come all together to stand side by side with our brothers who are held inside this terrible place. Come with us and bring along cakes and cookies, sweets and strong voices, speeches and greetings. The Free-You-All-Sound-System will be with us again. If you have friends inside the prison ask them what they would like to listen to and tell us their music wishes so we can play them really loud!

united we stand
Liberi Tutti Subito!
мы все свободны
Free all now!
Keine*r wird zurückbleiben!