Statement of the EA (legal team) Hamburg on 6th of August in Billwerder

(Solidarity Demonstration infront of the Prison Billwerder)

Currently there are 160 preliminary Investigations going on, 32 people are still in pre-trial Imprisonment.

Around the G20 the Police Agency acted and still acts: with political motivation, illegal, autocratic and willfully violent. Politics and Judiciary are willingly having their back.
The Police already rigurously tried to prevent the setting up of camps. Goal seemed to be that a prohibiton of sleepingplaces would demobilise and the violence used during their operations would be scaring. But this plan failed and everyone who searched for a place to sleep expirienced great solidarity.

The exaggerated operations at ‘Grüner Jäger (Arrivati-Park)’ and at other places, with more injured, got the cops critized in international media. Solidarity among each other on the streets just got bigger. However, the intensity of the Police violence grew. A peak was the attack on the ‘Welcome-to-Hell’ Demonstration: with a lot of beating, liters of Pepperspray, Watercannons and Clearing-Tanks the Cops intentionally directed a situatuon of extreme panic. In the frame of this operation several hundered where injured, a person had to be reanimated due to hittings with a police bat.

The strategy of the Cops changed from there. Not only injured Activists where the goal but now it was also about getting people arrested and detained. On Friday morning many activists had been brought in panic and injured by battings, Watercannons and Pepperspray that had been used from two directions into the crowd close to the camp at ‘Volkspark’. Activly the Cops created a Situation where a fence collapsed which people had climbed. 14 people had to be brought directly to the hospital, 11 with sever injuries like open fractures and similar. Everyone else got arrested, most of which where lightly injured aswell. At least 59 preliminary investigations against Activists refer to this Situation, 13 of them are in pre-trial Imprisonment.

Hope remains that this operation will crash down on the Cops and the Politicians, since this lawsuit is based completly on lies. That three Fireworks landed on the street, far away from the Cops, where the cause of their action. On the same evening this has been stated by the ‘State Office of Criminal Investigation’ (LKA) due to internal Police Videos. It was enough reason for the Officer in charge to sourround and attack the Demonstration. In the Police report he spreads the lie: there had been ‘massivly and aimingly attacked with Bottles and Fireworks’. Only reason that no Cop got insured supposed to be their protective Outfit. In all following decisions for arrest Judges repeated this almost literally. Even though non of this is to be seen on any of the Police Videos and already on saturday of the summit the report of the LKA stated what the videos realy show.

Nevertheless, Normen Großmann, director of the County-Police-Hamburg, stated during the internal Committee for Explanations of what happend during the summit: there was ‘imidiatly massive pelting… with Stones, with Bottles, with Fireworks’. With the operation of the SEK (special unit) Friday night at Schanzen-district a extreme change of tone towards the cops happend within the media. Suddenly they where the Heroes and we Terrorists. This picture that put everything else to the background was consciously whished for and produced by the police. But also in this case the Administration had to carefully take a few steps back. They could not bring evidence for an ambush and the supposed Molotov-Cocktail is now probably rather Firework.

And those who got arrested?
Many where placed in the Container-Detention. It was extremly hot in the Cells, some with 8 instead of 5 people in one Cell, even tho not all Cells where occupied. For Food people got two slices of bread in 24 hours, access to Toiletts was rare, regular kickings on the door prevented people from sleeping, many Cells with constant lighting, some completly without light. This has nothing to do with sticking to the Convention of Human Rights even tho this was previously officially so important! The work of the Lawyers in the Detention was massivly hindered and discredited. Some Prisoners where even brought to Judges without assictance of Lawyers. Prisoners had to get naked before and after conversations with their Lawyers. Even a physical attack towards a Lawyer and order to stay away from the Detention Prison happend.

And the harrasment goes on: since weeks Packages with own cloth for the people imprisoned here in Billwerder is been send back and forth. Without them they need to wear unshaped, often way to big cloth from the Jail. It was partially refused to get Tampons or to use the Prison Library. But that seemed not enough: it also happend that even letters from the Defence-Lawyers where not let through.

Still 32 Prisoners in the Prisons of Billwerder, Hahnöfersand und at Holstenglacis.
The reason given by the Higher Regional Court are often: its supposed to be necessary ‘for Defence of the Legal Order’, which means nothing else than purely preventive Imprisonment.
Even though not all imprisoned Comrades can hear us, we send you a lot of Strenght and our Solidarity! They where locked-in, because they where on the streets in Hamburg against the inhuman Politics of the G20. Even though the summit is over, our Fight for a better World without War, Exploitation, Opression and Prisons goes on!
Freedom for All!
United we stand!