Hello to the Prisoners in the Prison Billwerder during the Demonstration on the 3rd of September


Hello people,
You inside and you outside. It is us again, your siblings, your friends, your comrades.

Since almost 2 month you are locked up here as G20 Prisoners. Locked up behind high walls, with the most unbelievable justifications and court orders.

Most of you don’t have a german Passport and that seems to be reason enough, in this deeply racist society, to be locked up for month with the construction of things like ‘psychological assistance’. 3 of our young companions are still locked up in the Prison for minors on the island and some are in the Pre-Trial Prison in Neustadt. Our complete support and solidarity counts also for them.

With joy we heared that Maria finaly got free, that is great but we will not be still and silent until everyone is free! We will come back to visit you every first sunday of the month.

There are many actions of solidarity for you, there is a solidarity-graffiti at the german embassy in Paris and also some windows broke there. There where Demonstration in Venice and Rome infront of the german embassys with the demand to immediately free all of you. On the 6th of August during our last visit there was a Solidarity-Manifestation in Genua on the square ‘San Lorenzo’ and another Solidarity-Manifestation in Bilbao to show support and communion with you in the Prison. On the 7th of August people gathered in Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw infront of the german embassys to demand your freedom.

Last time you could only hear us quietly so today we will speak even louder and brought some of your favorite songs. Write into your letters what songs you want to hear, what will give you strength and will lighten up the miserable everyday life in Prison. We will organise this music, We hope you get enough letters.

We will see each other soon.
In the Court!
or on the Street!