The G20 repression continues – call for solidary support at court – second date

This Wednesday, the 4th of july 2018 the activist Robin will stand trial on an assault case at the Hamburg-Mitte district court. How the police intends to construct and justify these accusations remains unclear.
The first court session was cancelled due to a formal error in the penalty order. The entire section describing the supposed criminal act was missing. This shows how the court is overstrained by the number of lawsuits they‘re trying to push through.call_for_support_trial

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Trial on 20th of June canceled for now

Some days ago we posted her a solidarity call for the support of R’s NoG20 trial.  the beginning of the trial against failed initially due to formal error.

This morning, o 19th of June, the planned beginning of the trial against activist R. on 20th of June 2018 was cancelled due to a formal error in the penalty order. The entire section describing the supposed criminal act was missing. This shows how the court is overstrained by the number of lawsuits they‘re trying to push through.

With the trial‘s beginning being cancelled for now, the courts strategy to blindside R. failed.

The court set a trial date very soon, ignored that the lawyer has no time at the trial date by dismissing an application to change the date, did not give real access to the court files by only allowing access in Hamburg – to a lawyer far away in Göttingen. In the end this led to having no lawyer and no clue whats in the court files four days before the trial. Luckily they did not get through with their strategy.

There will be no trial this week but they might send a new penalty order with a new trial date. If that happens the info will be published here.

Solidarity not penalty orders!

Freedom for all G20 prisoners!

The G20 repression continues – call for solidary support at court 20.6.2018


This Wednesday, the 20th June 2018 the activist R. will stand trial on an assault case at the Hamburg-Mitte district court. How the police intends to construct and justify these accusations remains unclear.

Eleven months after the G20 protests in Hamburg numerous people face repression because they took part in the protests against the inhuman G20 politics and their absurd summit.

Despite all the agitation, before during and after the summit, neither the media nor the state security agencies succeeded in dividing us. We won‘t let them daunt us, belittle us, no matter their repression. They will fail to stop us.

We will not let them hinder us from fighting for our ideals. The summit is over, but our fight for a better world without war, exploitation, injustice, oppression and prisons continues.

With the antidemocratic, authoritarian eagerness for persecution, the state tries to present more and more convicted people, no matter the price. The massive police presence, state violence and surveillance before and during the summit was only the beginning. People are incarcerated since the protests and the police announced that they want to persecute activists with 3000 lawsuits.

We now need to stick together and show our solidarity. They persecute a few, but they mean all of us. This should be more than a slogan. When we face their repression together and support each other at court, in prison and in daily life, their threats loose their effect and we become more capable of acting. Therefore we‘re looking forward to solidary, colorful and deescalative trial support.

The trial will take place at Amtsgericht Mitte at 2 pm, Sievekingplatz 3 (Strafjustizgebäude), Sitzungssaal (room) 186 / ground floor. An entry control was announced and cell phones will be taken from you. As always people that joined the protests and have not been identified and people with an active arrest warrant should not come to court.

Our solidarity against their repression!

Soli-Rap Berlin, 26.1. Wilhelmstraße 9

We, as the collective Berlin Migrant Strikers, have participated in the protests against the G-20 in Hamburg. Hundreds of thousands of people gained together and took the streets, demonstrating against the policies of the global governance and the militarization of the rebel city of Hamburg. During those three days, the violence of the German police reached a new peak of brutality. Many activists were beaten without reason during allowed demonstrations, the special corps has been used to retake controls of entire neiborough, and many fundamental collective and individual rights were suspended. Another side of the repression were the numerous arrests, carried out without any proves, in many case with a pure preventional goal. All of us have been arrested too, only because we spoke Italian and we could be dangerous “riot-tourists”. For many hours we stayed imprisoned in containers without windows or beds, sleeping on the floor.. Fortunately, all of you were released in the end, but many other comrades are still under trial, used as scapegoats and subjected to a political justice seeking for revenge. The German police has started a criminalization campaign often through further violations of indiviual rights, publishing pictures of “suspected people”. We want to show our solidarity and support the imprisoned militants. In the same week when the network United we Stand is organizing solidarity events for the G20-prisoners, we invite you on 26th of January at 22.00 in the Tommy House to a Soly-Rap party, putting together different militant artist standing up against the repression. The event will support both the activity of our collective and the campaigns helping the activists still in prisons or under trial. Come and fight with us.

Today it’s Hamburg, yesterday it was Genoa, before it was Seattle – we fight and we will fight together. United we stand!

Lab HipHop Meticcio, Signor K, Nadir.

Demonstration and Manifestation on Sunday, 7th of January 2018 to the Prison JVA Billwerder

NoG20 – United We Stand

Also at the 7. of January 2018 we want to go togetherfor the 7th time
to the Billwerder Prison ti visit the G20 Prisoners inside this terrible

7 people are still locked in since the G20 madness of Hamburg.
Join us!

We will meet at 2pm at S-Bahn station Billwerder/Moorfleet

We will be there, coffee will be there, the favorite songs of the
prisoners will be there.
Be there as well and bring some sweets, good speaches and fabulous ideas
with you.

Free them all, now!
United We Stand!

Demonstration – United We Stand And Celebrate at JVA Billwerder!

Tuesday, 26/12/2017
S-Bahn Billwerder-Moorfleet
Starts at : 2 am – 4 am
Let’s stand united and bring what you like!
Lets make a lot of noise to show our solidarity
with the G20 prisoners and everybody else
behind theses ugly walls.
We are there, you are there,
the Free-You-All-Sound-System will be there.
So be there als and bring some sweets, moise, speaches
and what ever you want.
United We Stand and Celebrate!
Free Them All, Now!

5th of December 2017 Germany wide raids of leftist centers and g20 opposers! Demonstrations and rallies! Face repression together!

Today, on Tuesday the 5th of December, 25 raids happened in different cities in Germany. Targeted were centers of the leftist movement and supposedly accused people who are investigated for heavy ‘breach of peace’. Concretely the raids are in connection with the situation at ‘Rondenbarg’ in the morning hours of the 7th of July, where g20 opposers got massively attacked by cops and some heavily injured. In a very creative way the special committee of the cops called ‘Schwarzer Block’ (‘special committee black block’) assumes that in this group of people, around at Rondenbarg, plans and agreements were made that were mirrored in the ‘violent’ black block of that friday morning.

According to the special committee investigations are going on against 75 accused people who’s names are known and against 26 unknown persons. One of the effected people (Fabio) is on trial at the moment. Continue reading

Free Fabio and the prisoners of G20!

Rallies and protests on Monday 16th October in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona

On 16th October the trial against our Italian comrade Fabio begins, who has been in custody since the G20 summit. Together with the campaign #UnitedWeStand, we call for rallies on the days of the trial (16.10., 17.10., 7.11.) at the local court in Hamburg-Altona. We want to express our solidarity with Fabio and shout out to him: Thank you for coming to Hamburg to stand up with all of us against the madness of the world! There is no need for regret. They locked you up and pressed charges against you individually, but this is aimed at all of us!The trial against Fabio shows particularly clearly that all the G20 trials are not about justice, but about deterrence and political prejudice. During the review of custody, the higher regional court in Hamburg attested Fabio, who is only 18 years old, in their finest Nazi manner as having “destructive tendencies” and a “substantial deficiency of social and educational competence”.

Fabio was arrested in the morning of the 7th July at Rondenbarg, where excessive police brutality caused most of the severe injuries against activists during the protests. A video of the event exposes the police’s account of events – as in many other cases too – as a mixture of exaggerations, lies and propaganda.

Let’s join the rallies and protests on Monday 16th and on Tuesday 17th October at 8.30am in front of the local court in Hamburg-Altona, Max-Brauer-Allee 91, and demand the acquittal and immediate freedom of Fabio and all the other G20 prisoners. Because we all have #schaedlicheNeigungen (destructive tendencies). We all resist the world of the G20, a world of exploitation, wars, ecological devastation and racist isolation!


source: Interventionistische Linke – IL


Demonstration and Manifestation on Sunday, 5th of November to the Prison JVA Billwerder

Demonstration and Manifestation to theG20 Prisoners in the Jail JVA Billwerder.

We will meet again to visit our comrades, friends and brothers who are being held at the prison site JVA Billwerder on Sunday the 5th of November . Four months after the disgusting G20 summit took place in Hamburg during which the police acted unbelievably brutal people are still locked up inside the prison, which for us became a symbol of power and injustice.

This weekend we will have a lot of transnational guests and we want to come all together to stand side by side with our brothers who are held inside this terrible place. Come with us and bring along cakes and cookies, sweets and strong voices, speeches and greetings. The Free-You-All-Sound-System will be with us again. If you have friends inside the prison ask them what they would like to listen to and tell us their music wishes so we can play them really loud!

united we stand
Liberi Tutti Subito!
мы все свободны
Free all now!
Keine*r wird zurückbleiben!

Invitation to a Transnational Gathering for G20 Prisoners Support

03.- 05.11.17 Hamburg rote Flora

The campaign “UNITED WE STAND” is a loose network of different people and groups to support the ones who face repression after the g20 summit in Hamburg. Our focus is to support them during prison and trial.

We invite particulary those we have comrades, friends and relatives in jail because of the g20 summit – to get to know us, exchange experiences, come together, develop ideas and strategies and to learn from each other. We want to gain more power together to handle repression.

During the gathering, we want to develop future action strategies, it’s not a wrap-up.

The shedule

Friday: arriving, food and get to know each other
Saturday: breakfast, actual situation of prisoners and trial, we
would like to discuss the following topics

  • Trial
  • support
  • Networking
  • sustainabiliti

Sunday: demonstration the the jail in Hamburg-Billwerder with a manifestation with greetings, music and encouragement.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for the weekend, please tell us
with the application.

Please write us if you come as soon as possible, thereby we can support
you with your expenses and to find a place to stay.

See you in november “UNITED WE STAND”