One of the former Hamburg G20 prisoners needs our support!

“If you’re an anarchist – why don’t you go to Africa then”
Interrogator in an airport jail in an EU country January 2021

One of the former Hamburg G20 prisoners needs our support!

The young Russian anarchist who was part of the NoG20 protests in Hamburg and was put in pre-trial detention in July 2017 for more than four months and had to show up in court every week for months and month until he finally returned after almost a year of involuntary residence at home, was forced to leave Russia and ask for asylum in an EU country.

Unfortunately the Hamburg immigration authorities expelled him from Germany at the end of 2017 and obtained a 5 year entry ban for the entire Schengen area against him. And did so, although the legal proceedings against him were far from over at this point and there was ultimately no final conviction in the end.
His lawyer for Migration and residencial rights in Hamburg could meanwhile legally block this but it was not deleted from the SIS II police computer, which is the case of big problems.
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Loïc’s litigation statement

Highly honored court,
We are finally nearing the end of this trial, which began in December 2018. I didn’t know that a trial could take that long.
I was arrested a few days after my 23rd birthday in August 2018, the police officers smashed the door of my parents’ house screaming. My little sister had to kneel with her hands over her head. As I heard the door burst, I had images of police violence in my head, how the police starts to arrest and beat people. I got scared and then got over the roof into the neighbors’ garden and then to the other side of the settlement. But the police had closed off the whole area and a person walking on the street in socks quickly becomes suspicious. A civil police officer started running after me and called out to me, “come here, you little shitbag”. Sensing a certain hostility in his voice, I preferred not to accept his invitation, which if I had said “shitbag” to him would have caused outrage.
So I find myself trapped in the garden and then in a neighbor’s garage. With my back to the wall, forced to wait for the police officer to arrive. The officer jumped on me and twisted my right wrist while I let him do that. I tell him that his violence is useless and he replies: “You are lucky that I did not shoot you”. From this point of view, however, I do consider myself lucky to be still alive. It is true that numerous arrests by the police have an unpleasant tendency to turn into a death penalty. But this sad outcome is rather intended for those who are residents of working-class neighborhoods exposed to racist attributions. In France, not a month goes by without deaths from arrests. The door to the garage finally opens, police officers, gendarmes, officers from the BAC & masked civil policemen appear with automatic weapons in their hands. Perhaps 30 members of the «law enforcement officers».
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From Hamburg to Biarritz: United we stand!

Call for direct actions on July 6th and 7th in solidarity with all
affected by repression.

It’s been two years since the rallies, the pillars of smoke, the smashed
glass and the sirens of G20 in Hamburg. Despite the massive police
violence, our memories of liberating moments and moments of tangible
hope, expressed by the rage of tens of thousands, prevails.

Unite against repression

The massive repression did not only find expression in the police
violence during the summit but continues in the form of surveillance,
manhunts, defamation, fines and imprisonment of many our friends.

Uneffable detention conditions and a political judiciary, right away
starting to impose absurd prison sentences, are the brutal response for
a failed summit. The escalation and the violation of principles of civil
liberties were apparent.

In December 2018, the “Elbchaussee trials” started. Four young people
from Offenbach and Loic S., the poet from France who is still in
investigative custody, are supposed to suffer for a series of destroyed
cars and windows on the rim of a demonstration in Altona. On top of
that, our solidarity is called “detrimental to disciplining” and used as
a reason to close the trials to the public.

There is ongoing and pending trials against our movement not only
because of the Elbchaussee, but also because of the barricade party in
the Schanze, the harbour rally and the bludgeon orgy at Rondenbarg. Our
solidarity still needs to be seen and heard.

Unite to resist

All forms of resistance in Hamburg were and stay legitimate in light of
the continuous global crisis of the capitalist machinery. We will not be
intimidated by future authoritarian laws and a violent swing to the
right, either. Now more than ever we need to fight back against
economical oppression, the ecological disaster, racist and anti-feminist

This year, Macron’s France is presiding the G7. In a climate of growing
social tensions and the respective repression, the summit in Biarritz in
August will lead to massive protests as well. Let us build a
cross-border solidarity! Let us continue the fight for a solidary
society and against the summits of the rulers!

After the summit is before the summit! Our solidarity against their
The alliance of solidary organizations against G20 in Germany calls for
signs of protest on July 6th and 7th, the anniversary of the Hamburg
summit protest.
Organize in your city and take action!

Solidarity is our strength! From Hamburg to Biarritz: United We Stand!

G20-Trial “Elbchaussee-Complex”

A trial against five activists because of supposed riots on Elbchaussee
during G20 was started today in Hamburg. The trial takes place against
five activists from Frankfurt, Offenbach and France. Three adults and
two adolescents (youngsters) are beeing accused of „beeing present“ at
riosts on Elbchaussee during G20 last year in Hamburg.

For the trial, there was a bus full of relatives and solidary people
that arrived from Frankfurt. The alliance „united we stand“ set up a
spot in front of the court building on Sievekingplatz with hot drinks
and music. Speeches where held about background information on the
courtcase. The „Libertäres Zentrum“ (LiZ) nextdoor provided breakfast
and a space to warm up during the day.

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G20 Summit 2018 – An open letter to the Activists in Buenos Aires

The following information about an open letter and reflection paper reached United We Stand:

“This is a detailed report and reflection on what happened before, during, and after the 2017 G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. At the same time, it is a letter addressed to the activists and residents of Buenos Aires, Argentina—where the next summit (protest) will soon take place.

The authors come from Paris and Hamburg; they took part in the protest week together. They began working on this book in September 2017, discussing and composing everything clandestinely because politicians and police have been alleging that an “international conspiracy” was responsible for the militant resistance. Continue reading

The G20 repression continues – call for solidary support at court – second date

This Wednesday, the 4th of july 2018 the activist Robin will stand trial on an assault case at the Hamburg-Mitte district court. How the police intends to construct and justify these accusations remains unclear.
The first court session was cancelled due to a formal error in the penalty order. The entire section describing the supposed criminal act was missing. This shows how the court is overstrained by the number of lawsuits they‘re trying to push through.call_for_support_trial

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Trial on 20th of June canceled for now

Some days ago we posted her a solidarity call for the support of R’s NoG20 trial.  the beginning of the trial against failed initially due to formal error.

This morning, o 19th of June, the planned beginning of the trial against activist R. on 20th of June 2018 was cancelled due to a formal error in the penalty order. The entire section describing the supposed criminal act was missing. This shows how the court is overstrained by the number of lawsuits they‘re trying to push through.

With the trial‘s beginning being cancelled for now, the courts strategy to blindside R. failed.

The court set a trial date very soon, ignored that the lawyer has no time at the trial date by dismissing an application to change the date, did not give real access to the court files by only allowing access in Hamburg – to a lawyer far away in Göttingen. In the end this led to having no lawyer and no clue whats in the court files four days before the trial. Luckily they did not get through with their strategy.

There will be no trial this week but they might send a new penalty order with a new trial date. If that happens the info will be published here.

Solidarity not penalty orders!

Freedom for all G20 prisoners!

The G20 repression continues – call for solidary support at court 20.6.2018


This Wednesday, the 20th June 2018 the activist R. will stand trial on an assault case at the Hamburg-Mitte district court. How the police intends to construct and justify these accusations remains unclear.

Eleven months after the G20 protests in Hamburg numerous people face repression because they took part in the protests against the inhuman G20 politics and their absurd summit.

Despite all the agitation, before during and after the summit, neither the media nor the state security agencies succeeded in dividing us. We won‘t let them daunt us, belittle us, no matter their repression. They will fail to stop us.

We will not let them hinder us from fighting for our ideals. The summit is over, but our fight for a better world without war, exploitation, injustice, oppression and prisons continues.

With the antidemocratic, authoritarian eagerness for persecution, the state tries to present more and more convicted people, no matter the price. The massive police presence, state violence and surveillance before and during the summit was only the beginning. People are incarcerated since the protests and the police announced that they want to persecute activists with 3000 lawsuits.

We now need to stick together and show our solidarity. They persecute a few, but they mean all of us. This should be more than a slogan. When we face their repression together and support each other at court, in prison and in daily life, their threats loose their effect and we become more capable of acting. Therefore we‘re looking forward to solidary, colorful and deescalative trial support.

The trial will take place at Amtsgericht Mitte at 2 pm, Sievekingplatz 3 (Strafjustizgebäude), Sitzungssaal (room) 186 / ground floor. An entry control was announced and cell phones will be taken from you. As always people that joined the protests and have not been identified and people with an active arrest warrant should not come to court.

Our solidarity against their repression!

Words of Love and Solidarity from Fabio

Here are some words from our comrade, friend and brother Fabio

sent from Italy, full of love and solidarity:

Freedom is beautiful

Freedom is beautiful, how many beautiful things does freedom have!

A beer, a kiss, a blue sky without bars in the middle,

the rays of the sun that beat on our skin in these first days of spring.

In short, freedom is just nice.

However, many friends and many friends, many comrades, cannot enjoy all

Because they are imprisoned by this “justice”.

And it is to them that our thoughts must go.

Each one of us in his own small way can do something…

We can send letters, help family members, and, above all, we can go to

The trials are focal point of the judiciary. T

he judges, strong in their power, distribute years of prison

like candies in proceedings that are often only farcical.

The logic of power is always the same, isolating, dividing, breaking bonds.

They know that one man is easy to fight.

That’s why attending the processes is so important,

to make it clear that if they touch one they touch everyone!

Let us show solidarity with those arrested and on trial!

Peike, Kostantin, Evgenii and everyone else who may will follow!

United we Stand!