Invitation to a Transnational Gathering for G20 Prisoners Support

03.- 05.11.17 Hamburg rote Flora

The campaign “UNITED WE STAND” is a loose network of different people and groups to support the ones who face repression after the g20 summit in Hamburg. Our focus is to support them during prison and trial.

We invite particulary those we have comrades, friends and relatives in jail because of the g20 summit – to get to know us, exchange experiences, come together, develop ideas and strategies and to learn from each other. We want to gain more power together to handle repression.

During the gathering, we want to develop future action strategies, it’s not a wrap-up.

The shedule

Friday: arriving, food and get to know each other
Saturday: breakfast, actual situation of prisoners and trial, we
would like to discuss the following topics

  • Trial
  • support
  • Networking
  • sustainabiliti

Sunday: demonstration the the jail in Hamburg-Billwerder with a manifestation with greetings, music and encouragement.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for the weekend, please tell us
with the application.

Please write us if you come as soon as possible, thereby we can support
you with your expenses and to find a place to stay.

See you in november “UNITED WE STAND”