Soli-Rap Berlin, 26.1. Wilhelmstraße 9

We, as the collective Berlin Migrant Strikers, have participated in the protests against the G-20 in Hamburg. Hundreds of thousands of people gained together and took the streets, demonstrating against the policies of the global governance and the militarization of the rebel city of Hamburg. During those three days, the violence of the German police reached a new peak of brutality. Many activists were beaten without reason during allowed demonstrations, the special corps has been used to retake controls of entire neiborough, and many fundamental collective and individual rights were suspended. Another side of the repression were the numerous arrests, carried out without any proves, in many case with a pure preventional goal. All of us have been arrested too, only because we spoke Italian and we could be dangerous “riot-tourists”. For many hours we stayed imprisoned in containers without windows or beds, sleeping on the floor.. Fortunately, all of you were released in the end, but many other comrades are still under trial, used as scapegoats and subjected to a political justice seeking for revenge. The German police has started a criminalization campaign often through further violations of indiviual rights, publishing pictures of “suspected people”. We want to show our solidarity and support the imprisoned militants. In the same week when the network United we Stand is organizing solidarity events for the G20-prisoners, we invite you on 26th of January at 22.00 in the Tommy House to a Soly-Rap party, putting together different militant artist standing up against the repression. The event will support both the activity of our collective and the campaigns helping the activists still in prisons or under trial. Come and fight with us.

Today it’s Hamburg, yesterday it was Genoa, before it was Seattle – we fight and we will fight together. United we stand!

Lab HipHop Meticcio, Signor K, Nadir.