Press release Hamburg, 3rd of November 2017: Hamburg police harasses observants of trial

Police harassment on the side of a G20 trial in Hamburg: partly under aged observants of a trial were kept for over 1,5 hours and hindered to take part in the trial.

During the G20 trial against the italian activist Alessandro R. on 25th of October 2017 harassment by the police took place against 13 observants of the trial, who partly are organized in the alliance ‘youth against G20’.
During the breakfast break in the nearby Café ‘Brasserie Loco’ around 40 cops of the riot unit stormed into the Café.
The police kept the observants of the trial for over 1,5 hours in a backroom of the Café and subjected them to record and documentation measures.
The cops refused to name the reason for their operation, but took record off all the observants documents, pictures, and took descriptions of the persons. The protest of the adolescent, among them also two minors, where ignored. The cops denied entrance to the Café to an approaching lawyer.

Severe is also that the affected people where not able to use their right to accompany the trial, because of this totally disproportional operation of the cops. That given, its doubtable that there was enough public during the trial. Alma Kleen, chair of the Socialist Youth Germany – ‘Die Falken’ and member of the alliance states: ‘It is absolutely scandalous that the cops, with no reasons, harass young people and hinder them to perform their democratic rights.
Especially the massive police violence during the G20 summit and the, more than questionable, proceedings of the judiciary afterwards show, how necessary a democratic public is who observes and controls state institutions.
We demand a complete clearing up of this police operation!’

Already in July the youth alliance came to the fore of unlawful police measures. Then, a coach of the SJD (Socialist Youth Germany) – ‘die Falken’ from North Rhine-Westphalia got stopped by the cops and 44 adolescent where kept arrested over 4 hours. During the following controls some of the partly minor activists had to strip naked in front of the cops and be touched. In the following trial ‘die Falken’ got right.

Patrick Prügel, spokesperson of ‘youth against G20’: ‘It is not tolerable that only a few weeks after the successful trial against the Hamburg Police, again members of our alliance where target of an unjustified police operation. Young people have the right for political engagement and democratic participation without having to fear state repression.’

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Patrick Prügel
Jugend gegen G20
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