United We Stand Statement on the police measures conducted on 25th of October 2017

During the G20 trial against Alessandro on 25th of October 2017 some supporters were target of a disproportional police operation. Around 40 cops of the riot unit of the police Hamburg stormed the Café opposite of the court, where the affected supporters had breakfast. With no reason given, the cops undertook the 13 supports report and documentation measures. The cops took pictures and records of descriptions of each person, also against the explicit objection off all of them and even though two of the people where minor,

They where forbid to get legal support and where kept in a back room of the Café for 1,5 hours. After this derogative control the police operation was finished.
Through this police measure the affected people where not only restricted in their freedom with no basis for it, but also got robbed their right to observe a public trial. This is definitely to be graded as illegal.

Politically we rate this police operation as an intended try to intimidate everyone that supports the accused during the G20 trials. Apparently the supporters should be scared to become target of investigations themselves. The police operation goes in line with the many repressive measures by the cops in the context of the G20 summit.
For the executive, supporters are under general suspicion to potentially be criminal and therefore get treated that way. Furthermore we have to wait if the police will try to create more obviously political trials against critical people from those information they won.

We are in solidarity with all affected and we will not get intimidated!

It hit some but we all are meant!

Solidarity with all political prisoners!

United we Stand!