Sunday stroll to jail – freedom for all prisoners!

On today’s Sunday (1.10.) 200 solidary people met at S-Bahn station Billwerder/Moorfleet to walk to the prison together and visit our friends, who are being kept imprisoned by the city of Hamburg since the G20 protests. At the prison greetings were read out in DE | EN | FR | ES and other languages via the Free-them-all Soundsystem. Besides, music wishes of the prisoners were played and balloons were released over the prison walls. Spontanously some people decided to take a walk around the prison in order to make our protest also audible from different sides.

Again, the coming week there will be trials against people who were incarcerated over the course of the G20 protests and who are in investigative custody since then. The overall four trials take place on Wednesday (04.10.) and Thursday (05.10.) at the district court Altona and at the district court Sievekingplatz. On Thursday at the district court Altona will also take place the trial against our comrade Riccardo, who was sending us a letter shortly after his arrest.

On both days there will be a manifestation in front of the district court Altona, starting at 8:30 a.m. Solidary supporters are being called to attend the trials in Altona.

Solidarity is a weapon!