Demonstration and Manifestation on Sunday, 5th of November to the Prison JVA Billwerder

Demonstration and Manifestation to theG20 Prisoners in the Jail JVA Billwerder.

We will meet again to visit our comrades, friends and brothers who are being held at the prison site JVA Billwerder on Sunday the 5th of November . Four months after the disgusting G20 summit took place in Hamburg during which the police acted unbelievably brutal people are still locked up inside the prison, which for us became a symbol of power and injustice.

This weekend we will have a lot of transnational guests and we want to come all together to stand side by side with our brothers who are held inside this terrible place. Come with us and bring along cakes and cookies, sweets and strong voices, speeches and greetings. The Free-You-All-Sound-System will be with us again. If you have friends inside the prison ask them what they would like to listen to and tell us their music wishes so we can play them really loud!

united we stand
Liberi Tutti Subito!
мы все свободны
Free all now!
Keine*r wird zurückbleiben!