„These Trials are as political as Trials can be.“ – Campaign Statement on the first G20-Trials on 28th and 29th of August 2017

With accusations that are very obviously politically motivated, the first Trials against supposed criminals in connection with the G20-summit in Hamburg are starting on 28th and 29th of August. The Campaign “United we stand!” calls for Manifestations in front of the Court at ‘Sievekingplatz’ on both of these days.

In the first Trial on 28th of August a young man from the Netherlands is accused at Court for heavy Trespassing, Resistance and Assault. Surprisingly thin is the evidence for this heavy accusations. There are no Videos or Pictures of the Action, just two Cops are supposed to witness the Acts. As there was such an extended Video-Documentation of the Protests against the G20-summit made by the Cops this is pretty unbelievable. Nevertheless is the dutch comrade locked up in Pre-Trial Prison since the beginning of July.

The Accused of the second Trial is a Person with polish Papers . He was detained far away from any Protests against G20 and is held in Pre-Trial Prison since beginning of July. The Accusations against him are very weak – given the construction of the prosecuter, who only assumes that the guy, who also doesn’t show a criminal record, would have later committed a crime.

‘These Trials are as political as Trials can be’ commented Kim König from the campaign ‘United we stand!’ ’The Prosecution seriously claims in front of the whole world, that someone who carries Marbles in a city where a Protest is going on somewhere, automatically is a dangerous criminal. This adventurous Accusation, but also the hindrance of the defence in the Pre-Trial Detention during the Summit as well as the violation of the Rights of the Prisoners in the Prison Billwerder proof the imperative Will of the State for persecution. The State finally wants to present convictions, no matter at what costs. For that purpose the actions of the State seem to follow some kind of criminal law for enemies: Not only the two people on Trial now but many more of those without german papers who where detained during the Summit face such disproportionate Pre-Trial Imprisonment – and almost just them.

The fact that the Judge Johann Krieten has the presidency during the first Trial against the young Guy from the Netherlands makes us worry about a overly harsh Judgement. In the past years Krieten presented himself more than once as a hardliner.

These Accusations, these Trials are supposed to become a political demonstration of the Power of the System. We will oppose this with our juristic and political Resistance and our Solidarity during these and every upcoming G20-Trial.

We are not going to leave the Accused alone. Come to the Manifestations on 28th of August at 09:00 and on 29th of August 10:00 in front of the Court!’