Account of EA (legal team) cancelled: Postbank as willing tool of the institutions of repression

It became known today (13.10.), that the Postbank cancelled EA Hamburgs (legal team Hamburg) account after #NoG20. The EA is not going to be intimidated by that and published following statement:

The Postbank cancelled the account used by the EA Hamburg towards the 13.20.2017 via letter on the 04.08.2017. There was no reason given to end the longterm existing business account.

Sudden for us, since there never been any irregularities, Postbank only stated: ‘You have a Postbank business giro-account with us. We cancel this towards the 13.10.2017. Basis for this cancellation is §19 section 1 of our terms and conditions. You can read the section on the last page of this letter (note: the letter only had one page, the § was printed on the back).’

Also friendly requests from us about the motive of this cancellation where answered simply retrieving back to the statement of the letter: ’Opening an account (…) you accepted the terms and conditions of the German Postbank AG. We used the right of these terms and followed the cancellation period. We are not obligated to give reason for our decision. We persist on the cancellation towards the 13.20.2017.

We don’t know if this idea developed from the banks motivation or if they took action on the account of some distinct advise of some institution of repression.

We can not say if the institutions of repression advised a cancellation of our account ‘just’ for lack of other options, for deterrence and to make our work more difficult or if there is a trial building up in the background as cause to talk to the bank.
Anyhow, the Postbank willingly joined the general tune of the choir of repression against leftist structures and therefor is part of the repression against the leftist movement.

That our work is disturbing for the institutions of police and prosecution was noticeable during and after G20. In the G20 arrest prison for example, where the prosecution tried to confirm proposals for arrest with the reason that prisoners had notes with the phone number of the EA. Even month after, at examination of arrest, this reason was given. Freely adapted from: whoever notes down a phone number on their arms or on their phones to be able to get legal support in emergencies, plans on needing this support.

What does that mean for our work?

We are surely not going to get intimidated by that, our work continues as usual.

The cancellation of the account follows other measures taken against NoG20 supporters with the goal to tackle finances. Some places who receive money from city funds have been threatened before the summit, to get their money cut if they wouldn’t behave acceptably. Now, after the summit, the institution for finances noticeably inconspiciously sends out piles of mail.

Our new bank account data is:
IBAN: DE26 2005 0550 1250 1336 24, Bic: HASPDEHHXXX, Subject (important!) : Anderkonto EA, Owner of the account: Ehrhardt, Ursula

Unfortunatly transfers after 13.10.2017 who arrive at the Postbank return and can’t be forwarded to the new account.

In the end: investigations against NoG20 activists continue with high pressure. Cops continuously search for video footage and concrete objects. So raids as well as new arrests are still to be expected. Be prepared and clean up!

Together against Repression. United we stand!
Your EA Hamburg