On the topic of witness letters and summons as accused by the department of internal investigations

In connection with the events during the G20 summit in Hamburg, some people currently receive letters from the department of internal investigations of the police in Hamburg asking, if they would be available as witness for internal investigations against policemen. Some of the affected people received at the same time summons from the local police as accused for serious ‘breaching of the public peace’ (Landfriedensbruch).

We as location group Hamburg of the ‘Rote Hilfe’ advise against working as witness in the internal investigations of the police and recommend to ignore the summon.
Also statements against cops can give starting points for investigations against you and your surrounding. They are in fact particularly problematic if there are investigations against you on the same matter.
If you still think about bearing witness against cops, talk to your local ‘Rote Hilfe’ group or other antirepression groups. Don’t go to the summons without a lawyer.

Rote Hilfe e.V.
OG Hamburg