DNA testing? Not without our resistance!

When the G20 summit happend in Hamburg in the beginning of July, it quickly turned, as expected, from the announced festival of democracy into a festival of repression. From the beginning every legitimate protest was harassed, criminalised and attacked.
Hundreds of activists were arrested, crowded into a detention gathering place and partly put in pre trial prisons. During attacks from cops others where injured some of them with severe injuries.
But not enough with that…
After the summit investigations against many activists were started.
Many people effected by the investigations received letters with summons in the last weeks, in which they are also requested to voluntarily have their DNA taken by the cops.
For us, effected people in the region around Stuttgart, this is out of the question!
This brash and totally overdrawn proceeding of the cops is not going to get us intimidated or makes us incapable of action!
After the protests against G20 in Hamburg the resistance supposed to get illegitimated and comrades undermined by pulling out and punishing individuals.
Dealing with repression must be understood as political challenge and we need to work out collective forms of resistance.
Taking of DNA sounds first of all trivial in times where media is picturing it as everyday normal interventions.
Actually it is a blatant intervention into the personality of the effected people.
Reason why in the past there were not more of these measures taken against leftists is the resistance cops often experienced.
So it is even more important that we collectively think and discuss also in this situation, how we can resist such a measure.
Everyone needs to decide at this point how far they want to go in a confrontation with the institutions of repression and how far they can expose themselves to such a situation of pressure.
It is helpful and advisable to get together with comrades and the ‘Rote Hilfe’ (red help – leftist legal advise) and exchange about all pros and cons of every possible way of DNA testing.
Lets also answer to this attack with our solidarity and collective resistance!
United we stand!
Infos on DNA testing:
DNA testing regularly has to be court ordered. Cops like to try though, to request it without such an order.
You do not have to go along with a summons for DNA testing from the cops.
As long as you agree to the testing, it counts as voluntarily. Meaning, also if the cops stand on your doorstep and request DNA testing, mostly in form of a saliva sample, and you let them do it, it counts as voluntarily testing.
If you refuse that a saliva sample is taken, mostly a doctor is ordered to take your blood. They need a court order for that!
Only in this moment the DNA testing counts as sanction / involuntary!