Federal Constitutional Court politically attacks defense – Everyone come to the rallies on Tuesday and Wednesday

In a press release on 12th of October 2017 the Federal Constitutional Court (FCC) states, that they will inflict the defense of the 18 year old prisoner Fabio with 600 euros so called misuse fee, for a complaint the defense filed against the pretrial detention that was, in their opinion, unconstitutional.

That the complaint resulted in a misuse fee is explained by the FFC like so, the FFC should not have to ‘take insubstantial complaints of unconstitutional decisions that wóuld keep it from fulfilling its duty’.

After the complaint of the defense had been already rejected in court on 23rd of August 2017, the fee that was compiled 5 days before trial start shows, that we are dealing with intentional political propaganda against the accused and his defense.

We decidedly disapprove of this attack. Everyone, come to the rallies before the trial start and observe the trials in solidarity. Monday 16th of October and Tuesday 17th of October each at 8.30 at the Court in Altona.

Freedom for all! United we Stand!