Statement by Fabio V. on the trial in the district court of Hamburg-Altona on 7th of November 2017.

Judge, jurywoman, juryman, prosecutor, juvenile probation officer, 

you need to judge about a man today. You described him as an ‘aggressive criminal’ and as ‘disrespectful towards human dignity’. I personally don’t care with what attributes you label me. I am just a guy with a strong will.
First of all i want to say that the ladies and gentlemen of politics, police inspectors and prosecutors probably believe they can hinder the dissent on the streets if they arrest and lock up a bunch of kids.
Likely they believe that prison is enough to hold back the rebellious voices that arise everywhere.
Likely they believe that repression will stop our thirst for freedom. Our will to create a better world.
Well, these people are mistaken.
They are wrong. History proves that as well.
As i, many young people had to live through trials like this one. Today it is Hamburg, yesterday it was Genoa and before that Seattle.
With all ‘legal’ means and ‘judicial measures for the trials’ they try to limit the voices of rebellion that arise everywhere.
In any case, however the decision of the court, it will not change our protest. Many young man and women who are driven by the same ideals will continue to go to the streets everywhere in Europe. And they will not care about the prisons that try hard to get filled with political prisoners.
But let us get to the point, judge, prosecutor, jurywoman, juryman, juvenile probation officer.
Let’s get to the point.
In relation to the matter i am accused of today, i will use my right to stay silent, as you can imagine.
But i want to say something about the motives of why a young worker from a remote town east of the foothills of the Alps came to Hamburg. He did this to express his disapproval of the G20 summit.
G20. The name alone is somehow perverted.
20 people, man and woman, who represent the richest industrial nations of the world gather around one table. They all sit together to decide about our future. Yes, i said it right: ‘our’ future. My future, the future of all people who sit in this room today, as well as the future of 7 billion people more who live on our beautiful earth.
20 people decide about our life and death.
The population is of course not invited to this nice banquette. We are nothing more that the stupid flock of sheep off the most powerful in this world.
Submissive audience of this theater in which a handful of people hold all humanity in their hands.
Judge, i have thought about it long before i came to Hamburg.
I have thought about Trump and his United States of America who, under the flags of democracy and freedom, think of themselves as police of the whole world. I have thought about the many conflicts that the American giant instigates in every corner of this planet. From Middle East to Africa. All for the goal to get control over one or the other source of energy. Not so important that always the same ones die: civilians, women, children.
I also thought about Putin, the new tsar of Russia who systematically violates human rights in his country and who laughs about every form of opposition.
I thought about the Saudi Arabians and about their terror on which their government is founded and with whom we western countries make huge business.
I thought about Erdoğan, who tortures, kills and locks up his opponents.
I also thought about my own country, in which every government puts out new laws that nonstop cut the rights of students and employees.
In short, they are that, the headliners of the grad banquette that took place last Juli in Hamburg.
The biggest war mongers and murderers our present-day world knows.
Before i came to Hamburg, i also thought about the injustice that destroys our planet. It seems almost banal to me to repeat that 1% of the richest population of the world is as wealthy as 99% of the poorest population together. It seems almost banal to me to repeat that the 85 richest people in the world are as wealthy as 50% of the poorest population together. 85 people compared to 3,5 billion.
Just a few numbers that are enough to get an idea,
An then, judge, jurywoman, juryman, prosecutor, juvenile probation officer, i thought about my city before i came to Hamburg: i thought about Feltre. That is the place where i was born in, where i grew up, where i want to live. It is a small medieval town that lays in the eastern foothills of the alps like a jewel. I thought about the mountains that color pink at sunset. I thought about the beautiful landscape that i am lucky enough to see through the window of my home. I thought about the stunning beauty of this place.
An then i thought about the rivers in my beautiful valley that are violated by many companies, who want to get allowances to built waterworks for power, never mind the damage they will inflict on the environment and the population. I thought about the mountains that get befallen by mass tourism and became a horrible military drill ground.
I thought about this beautiful place in which i live and which gets sold off to ruthless profiteers. Same as many other valleys in every corner of the planet in which beauty gets destroyed in the name of progress.
So, urged by all these thoughts i had decided to come to Hamburg and to demonstrate. To come here was more a duty than a right for me.
I found it right to rise against this conscienceless politics that chases our world into the abyss,
I found it right to fight so that at least something in this world would get a little bit more human, more dignified, more just.
I found it right to go on the streets as a reminder that the population is not a flock of sheep and that it needs to be involved in decision making.
The decision to come to Hamburg was a decision of interest. It was the decision to stand on the side of those who fight for their rights. It was a decision against those who want to steal it from them. It was the decision to stand on the side of the oppressed, and against the oppressors. It was the decision to fight against the smaller and bigger powerful ones who treat our world as if it was a toy. And who do not care that it is always the rest of the population who has to pay for it. I have made my decision and i am not afraid if there, unjustly, will be a price i have to pay for that.
Nevertheless is there something i want to say to you, if you believe me or not: i do not like violence. But i have ideals and i decided to fight for them.
I am not done.
In a historical time in which everywhere in the world new borders arise, new fences with barb wire are raised and where walls are built from the alps to the Med, is it wonderful to me that in a single city thousand young people from every part of Europe are ready to go on the streets together. Beyond all borders. With the one goal, to make the world a little better than as we found it.
Because, judge, jurywoman, juryman, prosecutor, juvenile probation officer, we are not the flock of sheep off twenty powerful rulers. We are women and men who want the right to decide about their own lives.
For that we fight. And for that we will continue fighting.