Manifestation against Repression and for the Prisoners in the Pre-Trial Prison Holstenglacis

We invite to a Manifestation at Pre-Trial Prison Holstenglacis:
Our Solidarity against their Repression!

Thurthday 24th of August 2017
18:00 o’clock
on the sidewalk in front of Wallanlagen, Backsite of the Prison
(Train: U2 Messehallen, U1 Stephansplatz, S-Dammtor)

In the Pre-Trial Prison Holstenglacis are Friends and Comdrades locked up:

During the G20 Protests 3 People where brought to Holstenglacis after the Detention, most others are at the Moment in the Prison Billwerder, 3 people in the Prison Hahnöversand.

Our kurdish Comrade Zeki Eroğlu is also imprisoned here since January, he was sentenced to 2 years and 9 month Prison in the End of July due to a Trial under the Article129b, Membership in an international Terrororganistaion – meant is the PKK.

Besides them another Comrade, Musa Aşoğlu, is locked up here and threatened with either a Trial as well under Article129b for Membership in the turkish DHKP-C or with deportation to the USA.

This Prison is used for male Prisoners in Pre-Trial Imprisonment. Some years ago also Refugees where imprisoned here to make their deportation easier. Also the 12 “Pirates”, that had been kidnapped from Somalia and brought to Germany to trial them here, where locked up in this Prison during their Trials.

So this Prison in a regular point of Gathering to demonstrate our Solidarity. Come this thursday! Bring Music and speeches!

Nobody will be left alone! Power through the Wall!

3/9/2017 JVA Billwerder: United we stand! Free them all

Sunday 3. of September 2017
2pm at S Bahn station Billwerder/Moorfleet
Demonstration to and Manifestation at JVA Billwerder

On sunday the 3rd of september we want to go again to the prison JVA Billwerder to visit our friends who are hostaged by the City of Hamburg behind high walls.

Our friends inside could quietly hear us even though the yard time was changed so they would not notice much from our to hold them back from our solidarity. One reason more to visit our NO G20 brothers loudly and with a huge crowd at the Prison in Billwerder.

Come with us, with cake and coffee, music and speeches, Sunday the 3rd of september, JVA Billwerder.If you write or visit someone in the Prison, please let us know their music wishes in advance.

United we stand!